Nina Ekelund

Nina Ekelund is the Executive Director of the Haga Initiative and is also the Chairman of the board and partner at 2050 Consulting. She has earlier been a politician and has served as an executive board member of the Christian Democrats and has also worked at the Prime Minister’s Office. She has also worked at Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Environmental Administration in Stockholm. During 2015 and 2016 Nina was an expert Cross-Party Committee on Environmental Objectives (Miljömålsberedningen), responsible for setting new climate targets for Sweden.

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Göran Erselius

Senior partner, expert and head of climate and water calculations. Göran has a Master’s Degree in engineering with focus on power and heat production. He has over 15 years of consulting experience in energy and climate issues, and with special expertise in the calculation and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. Göran has participated in the development of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, product-specific rules for EPD and ISO standards. He act as expert support as well as carry out calculations and advanced studies for strategic decisions. Past and present clients include companies in most sectors, such as energy, real estate, transportation, food , ICT and media.

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Markus Ekelund

CEO and partner. Markus Ekelund has over 15 years of experience in business development and last year on the basis of sustainable business models. In 2014, Markus took up several reports focusing on how companies can become more profitable by integrating sustainability into their business decisions. During 2011-2013 he led the management consulting firm Frontit to the DI Gazelle company for three consecutive years in a row. Markus also has ten years of experience in senior roles within IT, including the global infrastructure manager at H&M.

Mikael Karlsson

Senior partner with over 20 years of experience in environmental organizations and environmental research. Mikael was chairman of The Swedish Nature and Conservation Society (SNCC) between 2002 and 2014 and currently leads the European Environmental Bureau, the EU’s largest environmental organization. Mikael is researching sustainable development strategies in both politics and business, among other things related to energy chemical and marine environmental issues . He is active in the Government’s Environmental Objectives Preparation and has worked in a number of expert groups, including the European Commission’s high-level groups on resource efficiency and climate and competitiveness.


Malin Forsgren

Senior Advisor and Head of the Network Cleantech Östergötland, a cluster initiative for environmental technology companies in eastern Sweden. Malin has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and non-profit world. Malin has previously worked in sales, marketing, product management and business development at Ericsson for twelve years, partly with Argentina and Mexico as a base. As Secretary-General Malin built up Operation Smile in Sweden, a medical relief organization that helps children born with cleft lip and cleft palate. Malin is based in Linköping where Malin devotes a large part of the time for managing and developing the Cleantech Östergötland.

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Henrik Sundberg

Consultant with a background in purchasing, supply chain and implementation of business systems. Henrik comes from Accenture in Stockholm, where he has been a consultant with a focus on procurement, project management and business systems. Previously, he worked as a Supply chain controller at T2-Tea in Melbourne and as purchaser for electric car manufacturer Think in Oslo. Henrik has an engineering degree from the University of Lund with specialization in Environmental systems analysis. At 2050 Henrik works with analysis, calculation and business development.

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Skype: sundberg.henrik

Ellen Einebrant

Consultant with many years of experience in communications issues, advocacy and business devlopment. Most recently, Ellen worked as a PR consultant at the PR firm Westander where she worked with publicity creation, media training and advocacy. Previously, she worked as a political advisor for the Christian Democratic Women’s League and as project officer for SIDA -funded democracy assistance to Africa. Ellen holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science and a BA in Ethics from the University of Lund.

Phone: +46704-606 035

Peter Henriksson

Senior consultant and project manager for Östgötautmaningen. Peter has more than fifteen years of experience working for a manufacturing company, and seven years within consulting, where he has been working with business development, communication, brand management, business planning, sales management, process efficiency and employer branding. He has held a number of managerial positions, such as CEO, marketing director, sales manager and strategic project manager.

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Nils Westling

Consultant and environmental economist with a background in journalism. Nils recently graduated from the master’s programme in Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics and has a particular interest for questions about ecosystem services and how welfare is measured. In his voluntary work for the Swedish Society for Natural Conservation Nils has been involved in a project about how more sustainable financial products can be made available to customers. In addition to this, Nils has been an intern with the UN climate change secretariat (UNFCCC) in Bonn, Germany, as well as the green think tank Carbon Talks in Vancouver, Canada, and he has worked as a business and finance reporter with the news agency Siren in Stockholm.

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Erik Wennergren

Press relations manager for the Haga Initiative. Consultant with a background in the finance industry as well as long experience working with communication. Erik’s most recent position was with Swedbank, where he worked with corporate communication. He has been manager of Sustainability communication at Swedbank and prior to that he was Press relations manager at Banco Fonder. Erik holds a Master’s Degree in Business from the Marketing Academy at Stockholm Business School and a BA in Psychology from Stockholm University.

Tel: +46730 290 500

Linus Linde

Consultant with experience from the energy industry. Linus recently graduated from the master’s programme in Sustainable Energy Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Energy and Environment. Further, Linus has also studied energy at Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and at Gubkin Russian State University, Russia. Linus wrote his master thesis in the area of CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) at Fortum Värme.

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Jannike Hising

Consultant and environmental economist with a background in the financial sector. Jannike has previous experience as an analyst for responsible investments in Africa and as an ESG-analyst at Sustainalytics in Amsterdam. She has a bachelor's degree in economics from Uppsala University and a master's degree in environmental economics and management from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Jannike's degree project focused on assessing companies’ environmental performance based on monetary costs of CO2 emissions as well as analyzing asymmetric information in the financial market. She has also committed herself to non-profit projects with AIESEC such as Energy Crossroads and as a volunteer in Kampala, Uganda.

Phone: +4673 618 55 13

Victor Norberg

Victor is a recent graduate within the field of Energy, Environment and Management Engineering. His focus lies within business development for organisations to identify new innovative business possibilities on problems related to sustainability. Victor has previous experiences of business development and sustainability from both start-ups as well as at larger Swedish and German industry companies.

Phone: +46705-879188

Anna Yelistratova

Anna is a consultant with broad experience of sustainability work at companies and organizations from a variety of industries - polymer technologies, IT, gaming, pharmaceuticals, waste management, and energy. Anna specializes in sustainability reporting according to GRI, UN Global Compact and other internationally accepted standards and guidelines. Her academic background is in communications, languages and sustainability reporting. Anna has wide knowledge of the market and sustainability trends in southern Sweden.

Phone: +46 76 427 15 80

Emma Hedman

Emma recently graduated from the master's programme in Sustainable Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and holds a bachelor's degree in Energy and Environment. Her focus lies on environmental management and life cycle assessment. Emma did her master thesis at the Swedish jeans producer Nudie Jeans where she performed an LCA of several products and analyzed their environmental sustainability targets, in order to provide guidance on how to strategically prioritize their efforts.

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