What is unique about 2050?

Our combination of many years of experience of environment, politics and business is unique and responds to the challenges we believe that businesses and organizations face.

Who are 2050?

We are people with a very strong commitment to the environment and sustainability, that we put into practice, increasing profitability and reducing emissions.

What does 2050 want?

We want to help make it more profitable – in economic terms but also in other dimensions – to be an early leader in climate, environment and sustainability.

Who does 2050 want to work with?

We are actively seeking partnerships with companies, organizations and authorities who share our passion to quickly achieve sustainable development. We are looking for mutual trust rather than well-paid consulting hours.

What does 2050 say no to?

We are not interested in working with those who that see climate, environment and sustainability issues as necessary evils that must be handled with the minimum of effort.

Why are you called 2050?

By 2050, global emissions that effect the climate should be close to zero. We are eager to reach the goal!

What can 2050 offer?

We focus on environmental and climate issues, assisting our partners in developing strategies for their work, in implementing them, communicating them and to offset residual impacts. Read more here.

What does 2050 do for the environment?

We believe in doing what we preach. Although we are of course not perfect, we have far-reaching environmental policies that govern our daily work. Read them here.