Business Development

Mega-trends such as digitalization and, automation and increased requirements on sustainability aspects has an effect on profitability today, but will be determinant for the winners of tomorrow. When Gartner in 2014 asked CEOs of global enterprises only 35% answered that they will need to consider the way they do business.

We help management teams understand how their businesses are affected by the rapid development which is now taking place within the sustainability sphere. We tie the perspectives of business, planet and society together, to create a strategic roadmap to base business decisions on.

In hands-on terms this could entail:

Private sessions. In some cases the right person can make the difference between success and fiasco. Using our expansive network of connections within the sustainability and climate spheres, we help find the people who can make the difference. This could be driven entrepreneurs, civil servants within a ministry, politicians or scientists. We will prepare and follow-up to ensure each meeting is as productive as possible.

Market analysis. By understanding the market better, you can make better decision. We conduct market analysis around the world, survey opinions and write public and internal reports on strategic matters.

Business development. When the lines between business areas are erased, new business constellations are often necessary. A hands-on example is when we helped create a green market for a client in Africa, through a Sida-partnership. We can also help package the environmental benefits to motivate a higher price.