To be able to make the right decisions and be transparent to the market and the consumers, companies and organizations need to calculate and account for their impacts, risks and opportunities.

At 2050 we have expertise in calculating, reporting, analyzing and accounting, with a focus on environmental and sustainability aspects. We are constantly updated on calculation and accounting standards and guidance regarding the climate, environment and sustainability. We can therefore offer expert advice regarding interpretations and norms.

Through our experience, we can provide guidance on the process, data management, choice of tools, emission factors, data sources, and how the results can be presented. We can also take on the entire process, from preparations to final results in the form of climate accounts, GRI reports, product lifecycle performance, or the potential of products and services.

2050 can provide support and prepare documentation for the management team to evaluate strategies and roadmaps. This could be a report, investigating requirements from different stakeholders, or a scenario analysis into the potential of different measures, to mention two examples.

We have in-depth expertise and experience from doing studies on fuels, energy, transportation, chemicals, procurement and policy issues.